Rosemary Lawton, winner of the 2019 MusicNL Celtic/Traditional Artist of the year and nominee of the2019 ECMA Roots/Traditional nominee, 2019, MusicNL Celtic/Traditional and Female Artist of the Year nominee, and 2018 MusicNL Celtic/Traditional and Female Artist of the Year nominee, is an up-and-coming force within the Newfoundland music scene. 

Rosemary is an award-winning Newfoundland traditional artist, with formal training in classical violin and has completed her degree in Music Education. She is a passionate advocate of women’s issues and champions the advancement of women in the music industry through her work. 

Rosemary is helping to preserve Newfoundland’s rich tradition by collecting, recording, and performing Newfoundland traditional music. 

In her new albums “Untamed,” "Fierce," and her brand new song book "Resilience," Rosemary Lawton explores traditional Newfoundland and Labrador songs that focus on tales of empowering women. These songs prove that people hundreds of years ago imagined women breaking boundaries, and leaving behind the gender norms of the time. At the time, these songs acted as wishes for the future. Now they are windows to the past yet they are still relevant today. These songs are culturally and historically relevant to Newfoundland and Labrador’s past and need to be shared with this new generation of Newfoundlanders.

Her music is a hybrid of both classical and traditional genres.  There is an underlying hint of classical influence in her unique arrangements of both traditional songs and her original compositions. Her voice is reminiscent of the high soprano Celtic singing of Ireland but with a punch. 

Rosemary has recently been signed to the Citadel House Records. The combination of a motivated team and Rosemary’s drive and talent are sure to bring her music to an ever-expanding audience.